Ode to the Self


At the crossroads of life,you oft become sceptical,reflective

Stutter to a standstill – immobilised,indecisive,introspective

Pondering whether to march on the trodden path,tested and secure

Or to take the road less travelled,enticing in its allure


As you dither over the inscrutable dilemma

Thrust into the throes of a terrible trauma

Even the most cogent,consummate analysis

Will come to a naught-precipitate paralysis


Afloat in the fathomless ocean,engulfed by a torrent profuse

Caught in its cross-currents,you conjure up shores abstruse

But the spider of life weaves a vexatious web

The high tide of hope recedes,reaches its lowest ebb


Much as you fret and fume,agonise,agitate

Sweep it under the carpet,wish it will mitigate

The conundrum gnaws at you,debilitates,devitalizes

You sink into an abyss,no escape materializes


Alas! where is that elusive spark?

Whence will it come and make its mark

With senses benumbed,the mind clueless

‘Is it beyond me?’you plead,powerless


Gather your wits,don’t be torn asunder

Submit to your inner being,in abject surrender

Within the wellsprings of your consciousness lies the solution

You need only to look inward,motionless,sans digression


For there you will discover a flame -shimmering,sparkling,shining

Its the SELF,which always beckoned,whilst you were whining

Akin to a beacon-light,it annihilates all illusion

Salvages your ship from the stormy sea of delusion


When the SELF speaks,keep your ears open,be alert

The remedies it proffers are simple,the message curt

Pay heed to its averments,imbibe the profundity

Partake of its omniscience,revel in the majesty


Connect to your SELF and you will with an effulgence glow

At your beck and call shall the waves of wisdom flow

Tis futile to look askance, dwell on the outside

When the key to life’s enigmas lies within – inside

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2 Responses to Ode to the Self

  1. Vikramjit says:

    A very intense, yet inspiring poem. One could easily hang it in the workplace to refer and reaffirm self-belief and inner strength.

    A real piece of art!

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